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Name: The Veggie Grill

Location: The Farmer's Market @ the Grove, Los Angeles, California

Description: A casual deli-style restaurant that features 100% plant-based dishes and contain no high-fructose corn syrup or trans fat.

Price: $10-$15

Review: The Veggie Grill is all about fresh, good tasting, Vegan cuisine. My husband and I started with the Uptown Nachos as an appetizer for a very resonable $4.95. Tortilla chips, chili, VG-cheese, corn salsa, avocado, soy cream and just a few jalapenos made for a great start to our meal. It was a small enough portion that we didnt feel full before our main dish came, but large enough to satisfy. The nachos were crisp and the toppings were not overloaded, though I did use my fingers to scoop some gooey goodness off the plate. I already want to go back today for another order. For my entree I ordered the Chickin’ Caesar Wrap: Blackened chillin’ chickin’, VG-caesar dressing, romaine, avocado, corn salsa, VG-chipotle ranch.  Again, reasonably priced at $8.95. While it was delish, I personally thought the chikin' was a bit dry and I could have used more of the VG-ranch and will ask for it on the side next time I have this dish. I could also choose a side dish and tried my luck at Mac-n-Cheese ($3.50). It consists of Quinoa pasta, VG-cheese and toasted garlic bread crumbs. While not my previous favorite Velvetta brand, this Mac was creamy and the texture was right on with many whole-grain pastas I have eaten. This is Vegan Comfort food at its best. They also had an assortment of natural sodas, teas and lemonade. My favorites were the Pomegranate green tea and Strawberry Lemonade. To conclude, I can only say that I am anticipating my next visits to try the Santa-fe Crispy Chickin' and VG-Cheeseburger.

For the record, The Veggie Grill has no knowledge of my review and therefore I received no compensation. This was an impromptu, personal review of a Vegan restaurant by a new dietary Vegan.


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Jan. 4th, 2012 10:56 pm (UTC)
I went eating out to restaurants as well! :)
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