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Rapid Weight Loss

241. Looks like one great thing about going vegan is the instant weight loss. Ive lost a pound a day since I started. Now some of you are probably thinking, "thats a load of crap." And technically, you're right!! All of the fibery goodness of a vegan buffet after the Christmas smorgasbord certainly cleans out the pipes.

Some friends of ours invited us to lunch today. Without even knowing we had adopted a Vegan diet, they invited us to a local Vegan restaurant. What great luck! Looking forward to trying the seitan. This is one great thing about living in an alternative city like LA (among the 1000 bad things) : lots of vegan restaurants. Cant wait to try my local veg-froyo.

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New Years Sugar Cookies

Success! Vegan sugar cookies. Yum!

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Vegan Cupcakes of Doom

My first attempt at Vegan cupcakes and homemade frosting. Yes, this is a picture of my trash can. Its my husbands birthday and he is a new vegan as well. Needless to say...my first attempt sucked. The frosting was runny and the cupcakes tastes more like sugary corn muffins.

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Here it is, my pre-new year head-start into my adventure of running and veganism. This is not a New Year's resolution, though the timing of course works well for my goal tracking!

You may ask, why those two combinations, running and eating vegan? Where will you get the energy to run, what about PROTEIN? Ah, fear not random live journal reader, we will learn together. I figure I have enough pounds on this 245lb, 5'7" body to jiggle my way on the treadmill while I learn about proper plant-based nutrition. Having just finished the documentary Forks Over Knives, and Kathy Freston's book Veganist, I am armed with fresh enthusiasm for a healthier existence. But where did the running bit come from? Ah yes, two years ago I started a Couch to 5k program and lost weight. Down to 225, I was feeling really wonderful. I completed a 5k and 8k in 2010 and planned to do a half marathon. Then the injury to my hip halted my progress and I never started running again. Those pesky 20 pounds caught up to me (or rather I found them at my local fast-food joint) and here I am. Should you choose to join me on this adventure I will be journaling about food choices, health, running and probably include some bitching along the way. Happy trails!